Tuesday, July 14, 2015



As I usually do I reach out to a survivor of domestic violence by police. For months now she’s been working with internal affairs with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Zully was a bit upset when I called her yesterday and she shared with me that the sergeant from internal affairs felt they didn’t have a domestic violence case against this police officer. I personally called the Sgt. and I was amazed how the conversation went. He shared with me that there was no evidence or witnesses of domestic violence by this police officer.

I never knew that are police officers were psychiatrists and he diagnosed her with Stockholm syndrome.

Michael and I were discussing this matter when he came up with a great analogy of how the Philadelphia Police Department and many other Police Department’s throughout the  United States has been handle and continues to be handled.

Many are fans of Star Wars.  The entire concept of going to the dark side and good fighting against evil it is something that I continue to witness and see when we are trying to fight for our lives trying to receive accountability.
Many or should I say some within the police department are going to the dark side of the force.   The blue wall the code of silence affects all ranks in all police departments all over the United States.

Some within Internal affairs will not go up against another police officer at all. Many civilians think that if you put in a report with internal affairs that you’re going to get justice well think again it will not happen.

I look at our police Commissioner Ramsey as Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars he is trying to work with the community to work with his police officers but as long as there are those who are afraid to come forward and speak up and break down that blue wall all high ranking officers will always be fighting the dark side OF THE FORCE.

You feel that your officers are sharing the truth with you but they’re not. It looks to me that we will always be fighting the dark side.  No matter what we must continue to stand together.  Am I giving up, NO! 

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"