Friday, January 15, 2016


Last night I watched the horrible story of that horrible cop Drew Peterson, then I watched the Biography of him. Susan Murphy Malone, spoke on this case. I sat with so much disgusts how the State Attorney General Office, ignored Sue Savio sister's letter.

How she begged for help, She knew her life was in danger and he was going to kill her...So many victims of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence begged for help. I am ashamed of our Legal System...Watching Ms. Savio's face I, could see the pain she was going through. I pray for your beautiful spirit to continue to RIP.
By Rosaura Torres Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

This is an insert of my book “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge.” I was having lunch today and we were discussing the horrible incidents with “Move”.  I cannot help but to remember that horrible night of 1987.

I was very upset and a bit intoxicated, because of the separation of my abuser.  My oldest son George called his dad to tell him I was a bit intoxicated; in turn my abuser called Stake Out (SWAT TEAM) here in Philadelphia, PA. 

My abuser called his officers and told them I had my children held hostage.  My boy’s tried to tell them, I did not have them hostage but…my abuser lied and those SWAT TEAM OFFICERS WERE ACROSS THE STREET ON MY NEIGHBORS ROOF READY TO SHOOT!  I was not a threat to my children, to myself or to the officers but…they were going to shoot me.

Now after so many years, so many lives taken because of the abuse of power by some not all but some police officers, when will the day come again that we can trust our officers?

Be bless

Rosaura Torres-Author

Saturday, January 2, 2016



During the New Year’s holiday I did a lot of soul-searching and all I could do was think if it was me that was going through the struggle of trying to get some sort justice for what the famous and lovable Bill Cosby did to me.

Bill Cosby is the famous dad of TV the great comedian the well respected and loved by so many all over the United States and here in Philadelphia and then I thought about it!

 I remember like it was yesterday I did what I was supposed to do as a survivor of domestic violence by two police officers.  I filed for a protection order and I remember so clearly how my ex-husband said to me “No one it’s going to listen to you because they all think you’re crazy,” and years later finding out that many knew of the abuse I was suffering but many were afraid to come forward because of who he was and still is!

I remember going to women against abuse in Lancaster PA filing for my protection order, being put in a room that the judge never saw my injuries I was not allowed to be in front of the judge and until this day I cannot understand why I was given my protection order and a month later it was taken from me not because it didn’t happen because many knew what happened but the justice system in our country here in the United States is so broken.

The Dist. Atty. in Lancaster would not prosecute the trooper. My ex-husband Keith Sadler and a retired Pennsylvania State trooper Anthony Suber got away with abuse. This is why I cannot call these women liars I cannot attack them because they came forward so what if she was granted money for what he did to her.  I honestly do not believe that any kind of money will remove the memories what any abuse survivor suffered.  

Instead of looking through the peephole look at the whole entire picture put yourself in their position imagine what it feels like to be attacked to be called a liar, evil vindictive bitch because you decided we decided to come forward. I will not and will never attack another survivor of any abuse but I will continue to help those who reach out to me and continue to do my best as a survivor of police officer involved in domestic.

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”