Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Mayoral Forum March 30, 2015,

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Lynn Abraham, State Sen Anthony Hardy Williams, Nelson Diaz, Doug Oliver, Milton Street and Jim Kenney.

So, I sat in front of my computer and listened carefully to the answer each candidate gave.

I know that each and every one of them tried to give a strong and honest answer but when I heard of what past issues that continue to plague our city and several candidate is from the past, I must admit it left me a bit disturb.
Hearing that at one time Lynn Abraham was trying to stop the police corruption in our city and to avail, nothing.  Since then the abuse of power by many police officers in Philadelphia has gotten worse.  We want a mayor that will do the right for all people. 

One candidate kept mentioning a council person and many are not pleased with her progress.

When the words accountability was said, this is when I knew who my choice was and who I will be voting for. 

I want to vote for a mayor that I believe will do the right thing for all the people of Philadelphia, PA!

Many will say, “Oh you are voting for him because he is Latino.”  Far from the truth…We need a strong Mayor…who will stand alongside with all people.  You will not separate me from my own race…Africa runs through me!!!

Yes with much pride and honor, I pray our next Mayor will be Nelson Diaz.

Rosaura Torres Author

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Since as far as I can remember I've noticed how hate continues to grow. Who am I or anyone else have the right to judge, criticized, and crucified anyone of any background race gender.

All over this world hate groups have been using religion to kill. Who am I to judge anyone or to any human being of any color they he should not be angry for the injustice that has taken place in the past.

How can I tell all my Native American brothers and sisters to forget for what happened to their people?  Do you think they have forgotten what happened to them when Christopher Columbus landed here? 

Who am I to tell any African-American man or woman forget the genocide of the past.

Someone shared with me this week that because when I did by protesting for Aida Guzman, I would be blackballed. 

Yes it has happened but their behavior towards me will never stop me from helping others.

We must come together as people to help one another, so do me a damn favor!  Shit get it together.

Author Rosaura Torres

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Since the coming out with my story of abuse by my ex-husband retired Chief Inspector for the Philadelphia Police Department, Keith R. Sadler and Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper Anthony Suber, I have done everything in my power to help my sister’s, brother’s and our children, to gain some sort of “JUSTICE.”

I knew by protesting for Aida Guzman I would be taking many risk and I gained many enemies.  So when I try to do everything in my power to help and receive help, there is none.

I think of those before us who tried for all people but in the end lost their lives.

The lack of respect that I have received in the past and present amazes me but….You will not stop me from continuing to help others.

Help each other my sisters and brothers, do not turn away; they need you.

Author Rosaura Torres

Monday, March 16, 2015


Oh God please help me, I am trying to continue to help a survivor of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. I again reached out to Commissioner Ramsey Office, a Officer Gannon gave me such a hard time!! She is very much aware of who I am and who my ex husband Keith Sadler is, this is when I knew why she was giving me such a hard time...Please help me!!!

Author Rosaura Torres