Saturday, March 21, 2015


Since as far as I can remember I've noticed how hate continues to grow. Who am I or anyone else have the right to judge, criticized, and crucified anyone of any background race gender.

All over this world hate groups have been using religion to kill. Who am I to judge anyone or to any human being of any color they he should not be angry for the injustice that has taken place in the past.

How can I tell all my Native American brothers and sisters to forget for what happened to their people?  Do you think they have forgotten what happened to them when Christopher Columbus landed here? 

Who am I to tell any African-American man or woman forget the genocide of the past.

Someone shared with me this week that because when I did by protesting for Aida Guzman, I would be blackballed. 

Yes it has happened but their behavior towards me will never stop me from helping others.

We must come together as people to help one another, so do me a damn favor!  Shit get it together.

Author Rosaura Torres

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