Saturday, October 29, 2016



For some time now many of us have been watching the political show against Mr. Trump and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. 

As a survivor I watched and listened and no matter how many of us may feel about Mrs. Clinton and those idiotic emails it, will never change the fact that Mr. Trump is a narcissus, misogynistic, abusive, bigot, disrespectful lowlife piece of nothing.

I must use my common sense and I pray that each and every one of you will do the same.  Imagine what it would be like if he is our President!!  For years we have been fighting for justice, for the right of all people.  As an activist against DV AND OIDV, I am for all people both women and men!

My love and good wishes go out to all my sisters and brother’s survivors. 

May the Great Spirit protect all of you.

Rosaura Torres Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Friday, October 14, 2016


I am truly sadden today with the news of a survivor, that under no fault of her own has to step away from a Order of protection. The judges and courts do not protect woman and children of domestic violence instead we are victimized again with accusations against the abusers . Courts protect the abusers not the victims . If our abusers are law enforcement , we have no chance . Many just give up and try to move on , which under my experience is best decision. 

My conversation with my fellow sister Author Rosaura Torres Author this morning, we have tried and tried to change officer involved domestic violence community . Bringing awareness to society from our own experiences . Unfortunately after so many years nothing has changed , we are still being violated . No one has the right to harm and torture another person .

Thank you again my sister Clara Colon!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Olympia  — feeling heartbroken with Sincere, Iliana and Baby Leedel

It took me days to write this but two years ago and years before that OUR FLAGS soared through the skies Philadelphia of Philadelphia! Last year I didn't attend but this year my kids and I went out with OUR FLAGS! We reached 2nd and Allegheny and got almost to 2nd and Indiana when a blue shirt told me I need to remove my flags from the window, I said Ok can I pull over to a safe spot, I'm pointing to the corner which is only maybe ten feet away!! He says YES! As soon as I go to turn my face back to facing forward and take my foot off of the brake and hit the gas pedal, a white shirt jumps in front of my van which caused me to have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him... he then begins to bang on the hood of my van and screaming GET YOUR FUCKING FLAGS OUT THE DAMN WINDOW..... before I could even utter a word my van was then surrounded by a sea of blue shirts!! All of them yelling and screaming into my car that is full of children and a baby!! I started saying sir the officer said I could pull over and take them out and one of the officers said to me well he didn't understand you and don't worry I'll take them to fuck out!!!! Next thing I know the offices are yanking the flags out of my window and only slightly passing the metal poles across my children's face!!! Now by this time my 4 year old is screaming and crying! He doesn't understand why the COPS are yelling and cursing at his mommy! 

Out of all these cops including Commanding officers watching only one officer came over to me in a calm voice and said Ma'am what did you tell the officer and I said Sir I told him I was going to pull over to take them out. He said to me okay just pull over and pick up your flags!! I truly felt my spirit die! I remember 15 plus years ago when the cops used to celebrate with us, while still doing their job and keeping us in order!! To be honest with you the part that hurt me the most was the fact that my four year old became completely scared of police that day!! I found a parking spot and walked back just to enjoy the music and the food and people walking around he cried because he didn't want to go near the cops again!! So I had to have a talk with my baby and explain to him and remind him of who his pop pop is, remind him that his pop pop loves him and his pop up as a good officer!! But as smart as my baby is his words to me were BUT MOMMY THEY ARE NOT POPPOP!!!! People have been telling me I should have got names of officers and made a complaint or call my father but the thing is WHY??? So I will sadly say this, that on September 25 2016 those offices broke something within me and my children that I cannot put into words!!

By my daughter Olympia - 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I am speaking out, listen to my voice, my thoughts of the injustice that continues to happen OVER AND OVER AGAIN to my SISTER AND BROTHER SURVIVORS OF POLICE OFFICER INVOLVED IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE POLICE ABUSE BUT WHY!? Do they care? Do they really hear us?!

I, Clara Balcacer-Colon, Jen Cundiff-Graves, Sherrine O'Brien DEAR LORD THEIR IS SO MANY OF US!!! Do they care? Have they heard us?!! How many more of us will die or be permanently broken!!! How can I tell my survivors to trust the JUSTICE SYSTEM?!!! When the justice system is so broken!! A protection order does not work, reporting it to Internal Affairs, does not work?!!!

So for those who think it does?!!! Reach out to me, help me!!!! MY GOD HELP US!!!!

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coard: Should Blacks defend Seth Williams?

Coard: Should Blacks defend Seth Williams?: The lyrics to the theme song of the “Cops” TV program are “Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” The lyrics to this newspaper article are “Black man, Black man. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

Monday, August 8, 2016


This gentleman is Tariq Noman and he rented a apartment to my son. 

Yesterday my cousin Gladys came to visit me with my Uncle Ben.  She was kind enough to help my son Moses to retrieve some of his belongings from old apartment.  Not only did my son call the police from the 15th district but…I called. 

We waited patiently for a worker of the apartment to open the door for us.  I thought to myself we are going to get some of his things and go about our business but….NO!!!  one of the other tenants arrived and all hell broke loose, he wanted to fight Moses my son…I am in the middle of both these men and the only way for the police to arrive was that, I was screaming at the top of my lungs in the phone with the dispatcher…I begged this young man to please let us just get his things now keep in mind he is not the owner but…he was blocking the exit!!

The police finally did arrive and they made the tenant go inside his apartment…God help me I tried to talk to the landlord over the phone and I shared with him the incident that took place, his exact words to me was “I CANNOT CONTROL MY TENANT.”  It is obvious to me, the landlord wants my son to get hurt….

I am a protector of survivors and all my fears, of the past came rushing back because I could not even protect myself…What do you when the landlord will not work with the situation?!!!

Be bless and be safe,

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Thursday, August 4, 2016


My faith and love for our Great Spirit has changed me so drastically for the best...I truly believe the Great Spirit will send you your family, to you when you are in your lowest time in your life.....No one will ever be able to tell me that, I have not been guided by this GREAT SPIRIT.

The Great Spirit sends us love to direct us on the right path. Follow the signs and believe you will become a different person.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


On Monday evening is with great honor to watch our First Lady Michelle Obama‘s speech.  I cried with pride and determination.

As usual with everything that has been taking place with the killing of so many innocent lives are young black men and women, our innocent police officer has left me with so much despair and I felt so lost.
There are some really sad and pathetic people who just do not get it.  I did not write my book to glorify my personal life, or my personal experience; I wrote my story because I know that there are many survivors of police officer involved domestic violence and domestic violence, who need to know they are not alone.

When I saw the outcome of the trial for Freddy Gray, and no justice.  I felt lost. I felt “done.” 

I wanted to hide again I wanted to stop speaking out I wanted to give up but then I heard our amazing, outstanding, dynamics, wonderful President Obama’s speech and I knew I must continue the fight.

As an American, as a register voter it is my God given right to shout from the highest mountain, to yell and stomp my feet. “We” will continue to speak out, we will not ignore our brothers and sisters cries.

There are so many other amazing sister survivors who are going to help by any means necessary to continue the fight against police officer involved in domestic violence and domestic violence.

So to Ms. Mosby thank you a million times for speaking out.  I realized so many years ago justice does not prevail but…….I refuse to give up!!!

Be bless my brothers and sisters.

Rosaura Torres – Author of
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Allow me to introduce myself I am a survivor of domestic violence. But most importantly I am a mother a daughter a sister an aunt and a friend.

I always thought that by being silent I would receive the respect that I deserve. There are those who continue to harass me, discredit me and belittle me here on twitter.

I refuse to go down to their level because I am a law bidding citizen.  I do not accept any bullying, abuse or any injustice of any sort. I am pleading for any help from anyone to stop the constant harassment that I am receiving here on twitter.

Thank you and God Bless!

Monday, July 18, 2016


During the 60s for me my memories of police abuse was when my oldest brother shared with me how my one of my brothers, who was always harassed by the police officers in the ninth district here in Philadelphia, PA, he was just a teenager back then.
I remember as a teenager after my brother Albert died I wanted to be a police officer and I thought the next best thing was that I married a police officer. I have nothing but the utmost respect for our men and women in blue but...I will not give respect to those who feel they are above the LAW.

Now 30 years later after my marriage I have experienced and witness some really horrible abuse by police. We have lost many of our brothers and sisters by the hands of abusive police officers.  I always thought that after the Rodney King beating and trial our country would change.  I was wrong and now they are very angry people who decided to take the law into their own hands and no matter what we do not want to kill innocent people.  These officers had nothing to do with the killings and beating of our young men and women.

It has been almost 8 years we voted into office an amazing husband, father, brother, uncle and our 44th President of Untied States of America.  Many have witnessed how he has been treated by our citizens of this great country by Republicans by so many and yet he still holds his head up.  Many want to blame him for people protesting people standing up and wanting to believe that the justice system would hear their crimes.  Stop blaming our PRESIDENT OBAMA!!

You cannot blame Black Lives Matters we are standing up for OUR rights, have many forgotten that this is the land of the free or maybe it never was the land of the free for our Black and Brown people. 

So much massacre and genocide to our Native American brothers and sisters and their babies, still the abuse continues. I recently did a interview with blog talk radio and as I repeatedly said the cries of so many have been ignored and all I have left in me and so many like me is to pray to pray that you will hear the cries of so many.

Be bless always,

God bless the United States of America

Rosaura Torres – Author
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Friday, July 8, 2016


When I decided to write my story of abuse by a Philadelphia high ranking police officer and the Pennsylvania State trooper I knew the risk that I was taking and I knew how many were going to attack me calling me a scorned ex-wife and other pleasant words.
For the past six years I have been trying with every ounce of my being to speak to so many about police officer involved in domestic and I have sat back and watched so much injustice through my own personal experience through the courts of Lancaster from seeing my young African-American brothers being murdered, until this very day there is still no justice.

I am not a killer I am not a terrorist I am a SURVIVOR what happened in Dallas should not have happened but we must not forget how millions of Americans witness the murder of two young African American men.  I have and many others have been speaking about the code of silence the blue wall the good old boys network it has been difficult for so many to receive justice, accountability.

Clara Col√≥n, Sherrine, Jen, Jill….. So many survivors have written letters, emails, called, begged, cried, and pleaded yet nothing.   

When I last reached out to Commissioner Ross, I made it very clear to him that we do not want special treatment we just want equal justice. I know that each and every one of us DESERVE EQUAL JUSTICE, NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. 
I am a bit angry how so many of us have been ignored.  

If you were willing to sit with us and listen to us maybe just maybe things could be a lot better but I am not the lawmaker, I am not Congress and I am not a police officer. I am a survivor with the voice.

My prayers are with our country, allow the Great Spirit to give us strength.

Be bless and be safe my BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Six years ago today, I decided to self-publish my book, this is my own personal experience of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. Since then things have become worse...More beatings, killings and more excuses for abusive cops. I have experienced the injustice of our courts but this abuse of power has not stopped me from helping OUR SURVIVORS! I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR OTHERS...Be bless my brothers and sisters.

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Thursday, June 16, 2016


This morning I was speaking to our sister survivor, it truly amazes me how some Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence continues to threaten us with false accusations within the courts or calling us liars because we refuse to drop the Protection Order of ABUSE….
Many of them know that in order to control us you go through the children…Many are nothing but a bunch of punks!!!  You are unable to control the strong, positive, dynamic, amazing SURVIVOR!! 
Stay strong my SURVIVORS…..Be bless always!!!

Rosaura Torres – Author
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”


Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Judge of Elections
Betty Scynn
Ward 56 Division 11
Tacony Academy Charter School
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Today on April 26, 2016 is Election Day here in Philadelphia, PA. to my polling place. As I walked up to the table to give them my name, Rosaura Torres Sadler. I spoke to a Betty Scynn who is a judge of election official. Ms. Scynn said I was not in the box but…a very nice lady next to her said I was in the larger ledger, I showed her my state identification but…Ms. Scynn still was not happy with the entire issue, she seem not to believe me. Ms. Scynn kept mumbling under her breath and sadly the other person told her to stop that I was in the book.
I could not tolerate her behavior towards me any further, I made it quite clear to her that I have been a register voter since I was 18. I have been voting since then. I was born and raised here. No matter what this woman did not want me to vote….Did I feel she felt I was illegal, yes. I felt that my Torres name truly bothered her. In all the years that I have been voting here in Philadelphia, I have never experienced this….My other concern is this is a Judge of Elections Official how many more Latinos who have to come across her and go through the embarrassment I went through. I did express myself to of the other workers threatened to have me arrested because, I voiced my feelings about my constitutional rights to VOTE .


Rosaura Torres Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Friday, April 15, 2016

$40 Million Awarded to Survivor of Domestic Violence


This is amazing....As a survivor and activist against Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence/Domestic Violence.  The struggle so many continue to have trying to help other sister and brother survivors.  A Philadelphia Police Officer continues to abuse his power until this very day :(, Internal Affairs found that he did nothing wrong....They never find these abusive Police Officers accountable for their actions...

Friday, April 1, 2016


Today was another day in court. Many years ago our Legal System in the State of Pennsylvania failed me....I never allowed what happened to me would happen to my sister survivor....

As my sister survivor stood in front of the judge, and I watched with so much pride; I know now more than anything, I will never give up to help other survivors...We have several more courts dates; and I will continue to stand strong with her. This wonderful young woman is seeing the light at the end of that dark, horrible tunnel. Be bless my family and friends.

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


How I try to continue to have the utmost respect for many attorneys who are paid through the FOP and other police unions.
It is a must that you educate yourselves on Domestic Violence by your clients (Police).  I and many more realize that you are being paid through the FOP but allow your conscious to awaken you.
Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence is a lot worse than ever.  Think of the survivors, think of the children….Many become abusers, drug abuser, alcoholics…so much more.  WAKE UP!!!

Thank you,

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge” 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Today I supported a sister survivor of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence.  As my sister survivor and I sat patiently and waited to appear in front of the judge, this officer from the 25th district kept giving me the stink eye. 

Like some cops who try to use their position as a police officer and feel they are above the law, this case back fired on him. 

Cop wonderful was trying to convince the court our sister survivor is unstable and she needed to be evaluated.  Ms. D, agreed to openly be evaluated but…what he did not count on was the judge order him to be evaluated….Today was a good day, our Great Spirit is helping us to bring ACCOUNTABILITY for our SURVIVORS OF POLICE OFFICER INVOLVED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
Be bless and be safe.

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Monday, March 14, 2016



Okay, each time someone asked me “Did you have a protection order”, I want to scream.  Do you really believe the order helps SURVIVORS of Officer Involved Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence?!!!  NO!

This weekend a cop from the 25th district continues to abuse his power, he can count his life that his fellow officers will protect him as he continues to harass his survivor. 
Many have asked me, did she call the police?!  Wake up he is the police and many will not help her, Internal Affairs continues to sit on this HORRIBLE CASE “ABUSE OF POWER BY A FELLOW COP!”

To emphasize the issue of protection order, “IT DOES NOT HELP” our courts have and continues to postpone these CASES!!

To all my survivors, watch your surroundings at all times, be bless always.

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

YOU DON'T KNOW - "Til It Happen's To You." by Lady Gaga

Just recently I was looking over old pictures...I realized how much Domestic Violence affected me and how it affects so many victims and survivors.

Many of my sister and brother survivors suffer with so many illness...Each day I am so grateful and blessed with the strength our Great Spirit has instilled in me....So to many who do not understand the pain we suffered during our abuse and even after....YOU DON'T KNOW "TIL IT HAPPEN'S TO YOU."

No shaming blaming or evening guilt for the ABUSE SO MANY SUFFERED!

Be bless my survivors, we stand together.

Rosaura Torres
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


What do we do?!! – Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence
For over a year now I have been helping a survivor of police officer involved in domestic violence here in Philadelphia. Pa. 

This officer of the law has been abusing his power over and over again.  We want to believe that our Police Department our courts judge’s prosecutors are helping us. This amazing woman has done everything in her power to follow the law.
A judge with the Philadelphia court ordered that our sister survivor and her children should and will receive therapy for the abuse that has taken place in the home but this officer of the law continues to abuse his power as a Philadelphia police officer. This officer has intervened and has spoken directly to the therapist.
If I am not mistaken it is a conflict of interest when the abuser speaks directly to the therapist who is counseling the children and the mother.
We as civilians and survivors follow the court position. We do not violate the court order or go against the court knowing that it will cost us losing our children.
This Philadelphia Police Officer has and continues to violate the order that was presented to him by the courts…It is quite clear how this officer feels he is above the law.  WHAT DO WE DO?!

Not long ago I reached out to the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ross begging for help.  The inspector for internal affairs reached out to me and I truly believed in the deep of my soul that we would receive help from our Police Department. As I said before we do not want special treatment we just want equal justice.
As I told the inspector I know the feeling of my cries going on deaf ears and this is why I decided to write my story.
My sister survivors cries will not go on deaf ears because there are many of us who are standing strong beside her.
Be bless,

Please help!

Rosaura Torres

Author of “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Friday, January 15, 2016


Last night I watched the horrible story of that horrible cop Drew Peterson, then I watched the Biography of him. Susan Murphy Malone, spoke on this case. I sat with so much disgusts how the State Attorney General Office, ignored Sue Savio sister's letter.

How she begged for help, She knew her life was in danger and he was going to kill her...So many victims of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence begged for help. I am ashamed of our Legal System...Watching Ms. Savio's face I, could see the pain she was going through. I pray for your beautiful spirit to continue to RIP.
By Rosaura Torres Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

This is an insert of my book “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge.” I was having lunch today and we were discussing the horrible incidents with “Move”.  I cannot help but to remember that horrible night of 1987.

I was very upset and a bit intoxicated, because of the separation of my abuser.  My oldest son George called his dad to tell him I was a bit intoxicated; in turn my abuser called Stake Out (SWAT TEAM) here in Philadelphia, PA. 

My abuser called his officers and told them I had my children held hostage.  My boy’s tried to tell them, I did not have them hostage but…my abuser lied and those SWAT TEAM OFFICERS WERE ACROSS THE STREET ON MY NEIGHBORS ROOF READY TO SHOOT!  I was not a threat to my children, to myself or to the officers but…they were going to shoot me.

Now after so many years, so many lives taken because of the abuse of power by some not all but some police officers, when will the day come again that we can trust our officers?

Be bless

Rosaura Torres-Author

Saturday, January 2, 2016



During the New Year’s holiday I did a lot of soul-searching and all I could do was think if it was me that was going through the struggle of trying to get some sort justice for what the famous and lovable Bill Cosby did to me.

Bill Cosby is the famous dad of TV the great comedian the well respected and loved by so many all over the United States and here in Philadelphia and then I thought about it!

 I remember like it was yesterday I did what I was supposed to do as a survivor of domestic violence by two police officers.  I filed for a protection order and I remember so clearly how my ex-husband said to me “No one it’s going to listen to you because they all think you’re crazy,” and years later finding out that many knew of the abuse I was suffering but many were afraid to come forward because of who he was and still is!

I remember going to women against abuse in Lancaster PA filing for my protection order, being put in a room that the judge never saw my injuries I was not allowed to be in front of the judge and until this day I cannot understand why I was given my protection order and a month later it was taken from me not because it didn’t happen because many knew what happened but the justice system in our country here in the United States is so broken.

The Dist. Atty. in Lancaster would not prosecute the trooper. My ex-husband Keith Sadler and a retired Pennsylvania State trooper Anthony Suber got away with abuse. This is why I cannot call these women liars I cannot attack them because they came forward so what if she was granted money for what he did to her.  I honestly do not believe that any kind of money will remove the memories what any abuse survivor suffered.  

Instead of looking through the peephole look at the whole entire picture put yourself in their position imagine what it feels like to be attacked to be called a liar, evil vindictive bitch because you decided we decided to come forward. I will not and will never attack another survivor of any abuse but I will continue to help those who reach out to me and continue to do my best as a survivor of police officer involved in domestic.

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”