Thursday, July 28, 2016


On Monday evening is with great honor to watch our First Lady Michelle Obama‘s speech.  I cried with pride and determination.

As usual with everything that has been taking place with the killing of so many innocent lives are young black men and women, our innocent police officer has left me with so much despair and I felt so lost.
There are some really sad and pathetic people who just do not get it.  I did not write my book to glorify my personal life, or my personal experience; I wrote my story because I know that there are many survivors of police officer involved domestic violence and domestic violence, who need to know they are not alone.

When I saw the outcome of the trial for Freddy Gray, and no justice.  I felt lost. I felt “done.” 

I wanted to hide again I wanted to stop speaking out I wanted to give up but then I heard our amazing, outstanding, dynamics, wonderful President Obama’s speech and I knew I must continue the fight.

As an American, as a register voter it is my God given right to shout from the highest mountain, to yell and stomp my feet. “We” will continue to speak out, we will not ignore our brothers and sisters cries.

There are so many other amazing sister survivors who are going to help by any means necessary to continue the fight against police officer involved in domestic violence and domestic violence.

So to Ms. Mosby thank you a million times for speaking out.  I realized so many years ago justice does not prevail but…….I refuse to give up!!!

Be bless my brothers and sisters.

Rosaura Torres – Author of
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

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