Monday, July 18, 2016


During the 60s for me my memories of police abuse was when my oldest brother shared with me how my one of my brothers, who was always harassed by the police officers in the ninth district here in Philadelphia, PA, he was just a teenager back then.
I remember as a teenager after my brother Albert died I wanted to be a police officer and I thought the next best thing was that I married a police officer. I have nothing but the utmost respect for our men and women in blue but...I will not give respect to those who feel they are above the LAW.

Now 30 years later after my marriage I have experienced and witness some really horrible abuse by police. We have lost many of our brothers and sisters by the hands of abusive police officers.  I always thought that after the Rodney King beating and trial our country would change.  I was wrong and now they are very angry people who decided to take the law into their own hands and no matter what we do not want to kill innocent people.  These officers had nothing to do with the killings and beating of our young men and women.

It has been almost 8 years we voted into office an amazing husband, father, brother, uncle and our 44th President of Untied States of America.  Many have witnessed how he has been treated by our citizens of this great country by Republicans by so many and yet he still holds his head up.  Many want to blame him for people protesting people standing up and wanting to believe that the justice system would hear their crimes.  Stop blaming our PRESIDENT OBAMA!!

You cannot blame Black Lives Matters we are standing up for OUR rights, have many forgotten that this is the land of the free or maybe it never was the land of the free for our Black and Brown people. 

So much massacre and genocide to our Native American brothers and sisters and their babies, still the abuse continues. I recently did a interview with blog talk radio and as I repeatedly said the cries of so many have been ignored and all I have left in me and so many like me is to pray to pray that you will hear the cries of so many.

Be bless always,

God bless the United States of America

Rosaura Torres – Author
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

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