Wednesday, February 24, 2016


What do we do?!! – Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence
For over a year now I have been helping a survivor of police officer involved in domestic violence here in Philadelphia. Pa. 

This officer of the law has been abusing his power over and over again.  We want to believe that our Police Department our courts judge’s prosecutors are helping us. This amazing woman has done everything in her power to follow the law.
A judge with the Philadelphia court ordered that our sister survivor and her children should and will receive therapy for the abuse that has taken place in the home but this officer of the law continues to abuse his power as a Philadelphia police officer. This officer has intervened and has spoken directly to the therapist.
If I am not mistaken it is a conflict of interest when the abuser speaks directly to the therapist who is counseling the children and the mother.
We as civilians and survivors follow the court position. We do not violate the court order or go against the court knowing that it will cost us losing our children.
This Philadelphia Police Officer has and continues to violate the order that was presented to him by the courts…It is quite clear how this officer feels he is above the law.  WHAT DO WE DO?!

Not long ago I reached out to the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ross begging for help.  The inspector for internal affairs reached out to me and I truly believed in the deep of my soul that we would receive help from our Police Department. As I said before we do not want special treatment we just want equal justice.
As I told the inspector I know the feeling of my cries going on deaf ears and this is why I decided to write my story.
My sister survivors cries will not go on deaf ears because there are many of us who are standing strong beside her.
Be bless,

Please help!

Rosaura Torres

Author of “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”