Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Rosaura Torres suffered in silence for years.
The Northeast Philadelphia woman, 54, was married to a Philadelphia police officer who eventually ascended into the top ranks of the department. He beat, kicked and choked her for 16 years until one especially brutal beating left her with a detached retina that left her partially blind.
Throughout, she begged him to stop and threatened to report him.
"He made it very clear that no one would listen to me because of his position in the community," Torres said. "He said: 'No one's going to listen to you. They'll all say you're crazy.' And he was right."
She wrote a letter to city and police officials in 2001 to protest his promotion, citing his history of domestic abuse. He was promoted anyway.
The couple divorced in 2004.
The Daily News is not naming her ex-husband, who has since retired in Philadelphia and now works outside the city, because he was never criminally charged.
Since then, Torres has become an activist. She chronicled her experience in a 2010 book, Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge, and has periodically testified before lawmakers as a victim of police violence.
Torres never travels alone, fearful that her activism might incite her ex-husband and his supporters.
"It's horrible because you don't know who to trust, you don't know who's watching you," Torres said. "He still has power here in Philadelphia."
She added: "There is a unique injustice that takes place when the abuser is a police officer, because the people who should help you would rather protect him because of the title he holds.

Monday, June 22, 2015


I cannot help but think of my fallen sister Justice For Tamara Seidle, we give up our legal rights our protection from abuse, trying to keep a roof over our heads and our children. 

When our abuser is a POLICE OFFICER.  Many reporters questioned "Did you have a protection order?"  When they are the main bread winner we continue to be a prisoner of their abuse. 

The video was taken down because whomever took the video showed how the police stood by as he shot her twice and then circled the car and shot her two more times. This is the first time all of this has been caught on tape and how Neptune Police Department failed our fallen sister.

I cannot hate those who damage my vision, the memory of the abuse remains with so many of us. Could they have saved Tamara Seidle or Michelle O'Connor, Crystal Brame Judson their has been so many who have been killed that, I lost count.  I share with you legal documents because, there are many like me who do dropped the protection order not because the abuse did not happen but because we are left with no other choice.

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Today is Father's Day and as I remember my father and the love I received will always continue to live with me.
I met a beautiful young women Rosalie, on Friday and she asked me “when do you forgive your abuser?”  It is not about forgiving them, it’s about forgiving yourself. 
Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence and Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence, have and continue to blame, shame and guilt themselves for being beaten by a love in their life.  We may never be able to fix or correct the damage that has caused us but…I and Clara Colon and many more will continue to stand strong and speak out.
So I ask our Great Spirit, our God to hear my prayer.
Please dear father in heaven please forgive me for speaking out but...I know in my heart I am not nor, will I ever feel completely, trustworthy of the men who caused me permitted damage to my vision.
My children will be visiting my past abuser, the memory of my abuse has not and will not be erased. So to Keith R. Sadler and Anthony E. Suber because of your abuse and never being held accountable for the damage you caused me, OUR GOD has given me a voice to help others. The abuse you caused will continue to live on through the years. To my children, my love will always be with you.
To all the great fathers.
Rosaura Torres – Author

Thursday, June 18, 2015


On Tuesday June 16 2015 our sister Tamara Seidle, was murder by her ex-husband Sgt. Seidle, Neptune, New Jersey. 
I tried to be patient with our legal system here in Philadelphia, PA and all over the United States when it involves Survivors of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence.
You (THE COURTS, JUDGES, COPS, and PROSECUTORS) failed us.  My sister survivor Ms. Zulema Vellae has followed every rule of the law…From a protection order, to filing a complaint to Internal Affairs.  OFFICER GENARO FONTANEZ, FROM THE 25TH DISTRICT HAS VIOLATED HIS ORDER ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS.  This narcissistic cop who, feel he is above the law has gone so far as to show up at group therapy for victims of domestic violence. 
My sister survivor Zulema is not safe….Men like Genaro Fontanez feel they are above the law.  Many may feel I am going too far but….If I do not report this to the public I fear for her safety and the safety of her children…PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE US!  REMEMBER THAT I AM BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP.
Rosaura Torres Author
“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So what happens when one of these sadistic, abusive, animals kills us? Do we get a memorial....Do we have High Way Patrol giving us a stand off?! You continue to ignore us....This beautiful mother, will be forgotten. Do our lives count?

This is a sad day for all mothers and children who has lost their lives to their abuser who are law enforcement officers.  I am ashamed in how many police departments continue to protect them.  I am at the present time supporting a survivor of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence and horrible officer continues to violate the order.  

Shame on the Philadelphia Police Department and shame on many who continue to turn the other cheek!

Rosaura Torres Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"