Monday, June 22, 2015


I cannot help but think of my fallen sister Justice For Tamara Seidle, we give up our legal rights our protection from abuse, trying to keep a roof over our heads and our children. 

When our abuser is a POLICE OFFICER.  Many reporters questioned "Did you have a protection order?"  When they are the main bread winner we continue to be a prisoner of their abuse. 

The video was taken down because whomever took the video showed how the police stood by as he shot her twice and then circled the car and shot her two more times. This is the first time all of this has been caught on tape and how Neptune Police Department failed our fallen sister.

I cannot hate those who damage my vision, the memory of the abuse remains with so many of us. Could they have saved Tamara Seidle or Michelle O'Connor, Crystal Brame Judson their has been so many who have been killed that, I lost count.  I share with you legal documents because, there are many like me who do dropped the protection order not because the abuse did not happen but because we are left with no other choice.

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

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