Saturday, October 29, 2016



For some time now many of us have been watching the political show against Mr. Trump and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. 

As a survivor I watched and listened and no matter how many of us may feel about Mrs. Clinton and those idiotic emails it, will never change the fact that Mr. Trump is a narcissus, misogynistic, abusive, bigot, disrespectful lowlife piece of nothing.

I must use my common sense and I pray that each and every one of you will do the same.  Imagine what it would be like if he is our President!!  For years we have been fighting for justice, for the right of all people.  As an activist against DV AND OIDV, I am for all people both women and men!

My love and good wishes go out to all my sisters and brother’s survivors. 

May the Great Spirit protect all of you.

Rosaura Torres Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Friday, October 14, 2016


I am truly sadden today with the news of a survivor, that under no fault of her own has to step away from a Order of protection. The judges and courts do not protect woman and children of domestic violence instead we are victimized again with accusations against the abusers . Courts protect the abusers not the victims . If our abusers are law enforcement , we have no chance . Many just give up and try to move on , which under my experience is best decision. 

My conversation with my fellow sister Author Rosaura Torres Author this morning, we have tried and tried to change officer involved domestic violence community . Bringing awareness to society from our own experiences . Unfortunately after so many years nothing has changed , we are still being violated . No one has the right to harm and torture another person .

Thank you again my sister Clara Colon!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Olympia  — feeling heartbroken with Sincere, Iliana and Baby Leedel

It took me days to write this but two years ago and years before that OUR FLAGS soared through the skies Philadelphia of Philadelphia! Last year I didn't attend but this year my kids and I went out with OUR FLAGS! We reached 2nd and Allegheny and got almost to 2nd and Indiana when a blue shirt told me I need to remove my flags from the window, I said Ok can I pull over to a safe spot, I'm pointing to the corner which is only maybe ten feet away!! He says YES! As soon as I go to turn my face back to facing forward and take my foot off of the brake and hit the gas pedal, a white shirt jumps in front of my van which caused me to have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him... he then begins to bang on the hood of my van and screaming GET YOUR FUCKING FLAGS OUT THE DAMN WINDOW..... before I could even utter a word my van was then surrounded by a sea of blue shirts!! All of them yelling and screaming into my car that is full of children and a baby!! I started saying sir the officer said I could pull over and take them out and one of the officers said to me well he didn't understand you and don't worry I'll take them to fuck out!!!! Next thing I know the offices are yanking the flags out of my window and only slightly passing the metal poles across my children's face!!! Now by this time my 4 year old is screaming and crying! He doesn't understand why the COPS are yelling and cursing at his mommy! 

Out of all these cops including Commanding officers watching only one officer came over to me in a calm voice and said Ma'am what did you tell the officer and I said Sir I told him I was going to pull over to take them out. He said to me okay just pull over and pick up your flags!! I truly felt my spirit die! I remember 15 plus years ago when the cops used to celebrate with us, while still doing their job and keeping us in order!! To be honest with you the part that hurt me the most was the fact that my four year old became completely scared of police that day!! I found a parking spot and walked back just to enjoy the music and the food and people walking around he cried because he didn't want to go near the cops again!! So I had to have a talk with my baby and explain to him and remind him of who his pop pop is, remind him that his pop pop loves him and his pop up as a good officer!! But as smart as my baby is his words to me were BUT MOMMY THEY ARE NOT POPPOP!!!! People have been telling me I should have got names of officers and made a complaint or call my father but the thing is WHY??? So I will sadly say this, that on September 25 2016 those offices broke something within me and my children that I cannot put into words!!

By my daughter Olympia - 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I am speaking out, listen to my voice, my thoughts of the injustice that continues to happen OVER AND OVER AGAIN to my SISTER AND BROTHER SURVIVORS OF POLICE OFFICER INVOLVED IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE POLICE ABUSE BUT WHY!? Do they care? Do they really hear us?!

I, Clara Balcacer-Colon, Jen Cundiff-Graves, Sherrine O'Brien DEAR LORD THEIR IS SO MANY OF US!!! Do they care? Have they heard us?!! How many more of us will die or be permanently broken!!! How can I tell my survivors to trust the JUSTICE SYSTEM?!!! When the justice system is so broken!! A protection order does not work, reporting it to Internal Affairs, does not work?!!!

So for those who think it does?!!! Reach out to me, help me!!!! MY GOD HELP US!!!!

Rosaura Torres - Author
"Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge"

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coard: Should Blacks defend Seth Williams?

Coard: Should Blacks defend Seth Williams?: The lyrics to the theme song of the “Cops” TV program are “Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” The lyrics to this newspaper article are “Black man, Black man. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

Monday, August 8, 2016


This gentleman is Tariq Noman and he rented a apartment to my son. 

Yesterday my cousin Gladys came to visit me with my Uncle Ben.  She was kind enough to help my son Moses to retrieve some of his belongings from old apartment.  Not only did my son call the police from the 15th district but…I called. 

We waited patiently for a worker of the apartment to open the door for us.  I thought to myself we are going to get some of his things and go about our business but….NO!!!  one of the other tenants arrived and all hell broke loose, he wanted to fight Moses my son…I am in the middle of both these men and the only way for the police to arrive was that, I was screaming at the top of my lungs in the phone with the dispatcher…I begged this young man to please let us just get his things now keep in mind he is not the owner but…he was blocking the exit!!

The police finally did arrive and they made the tenant go inside his apartment…God help me I tried to talk to the landlord over the phone and I shared with him the incident that took place, his exact words to me was “I CANNOT CONTROL MY TENANT.”  It is obvious to me, the landlord wants my son to get hurt….

I am a protector of survivors and all my fears, of the past came rushing back because I could not even protect myself…What do you when the landlord will not work with the situation?!!!

Be bless and be safe,

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

Thursday, August 4, 2016


My faith and love for our Great Spirit has changed me so drastically for the best...I truly believe the Great Spirit will send you your family, to you when you are in your lowest time in your life.....No one will ever be able to tell me that, I have not been guided by this GREAT SPIRIT.

The Great Spirit sends us love to direct us on the right path. Follow the signs and believe you will become a different person.