Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Many survivors of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence/Domestic Violence physical abuse heal and you can no longer see the past scars but only the survivor knows of their scars.  I now walk with a seeing eye Cain.  I never go out at night because I cannot see.  Yesterday at 6:00 PM I accompanied my daughter to Franklin Town Charter High School, so she could speak to the Board of Trustees.  There are no lights!!!  If any lights they were coming from the inside of the buildings.  I could not see anything but…I let my Cain guide me and as I walked and I prayed with each step.

I hear from my children how wonderful their father is doing now at the State Attorney’s General Office.  I pray for him (Keith R. Sadler.)  Your denial and the retired State Trooper Anthony E. Suber denial of the damage you both have caused me at times does open up my past wounds but…. I am a reminder of the abuse I suffered by your hands, I am sure watching me walk with a seeing I Cain does not make any of my children feel better or maybe they wished it would go away?  I thank our Great Spirit each day for his strength and his guidance he has given me.

So, to my children, I cannot change or erase the physical damage your father has caused me but I want you to know that I will always be a reminder of the damage he and that state trooper has caused to my vision.

Be bless always,

Rosaura Torres Thomas

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

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