Tuesday, May 1, 2018


May 1, 2018
Brendan F. Boyle
13th District, Pennsylvania
1133 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Honorable Congressman Brendan F. Boyle,

I received your letter from your staff on April 26, 2018, yes, I agree that many of our law enforcement officers make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our citizens.  I do have a question for you? I am a survivor of Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence.  My ex husband Keith R. Sadler was the Chief Inspector for the Philadelphia Police Department.  In 2008 he retired and became the Chief of Police in Lancaster, PA.  For years I pleaded for help and with much sadness my cries went on deaf ears.  In March of 1999 Keith caused me to have retinal detachment from the right eye, a month later my ex-husband left. 

I was warned many times no one would listen to my cries and he was right.  I ran for years afraid of my own shadow.  You see Keith knew of his power and he was right.  
Leaving Philadelphia and relocating to Lancaster, Pa before he became the chief I thought I would be safe but…I was not.  After 10 years of fear for my life I decided to write and self-publish my book “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge.”  What truly leaves me baffle is how many in City Council knew of the abuse I sustained and ignored my pleas as Council Woman Maria Quinones so politely shared with me why my ex husband did not become Philadelphia Police Commissioner.  They knew, city council knew of the abuse.  God help me, even some staff members from Women Against Abuse also shared with me why I did not receive their help, it was informed to lower staff not too.  I can go on but…what good would it do me, I am ashamed to say that our legal system has failed me and many more. 

So, I applaud you for the amazing work you are doing for our fallen officers but…when do we start counting, when does our lives matter.

Rosaura Torres Thomas

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