Saturday, January 9, 2016

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

The memories of the Philadelphia “SWAT TEAM 1987.”

This is an insert of my book “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge.” I was having lunch today and we were discussing the horrible incidents with “Move”.  I cannot help but to remember that horrible night of 1987.

I was very upset and a bit intoxicated, because of the separation of my abuser.  My oldest son George called his dad to tell him I was a bit intoxicated; in turn my abuser called Stake Out (SWAT TEAM) here in Philadelphia, PA. 

My abuser called his officers and told them I had my children held hostage.  My boy’s tried to tell them, I did not have them hostage but…my abuser lied and those SWAT TEAM OFFICERS WERE ACROSS THE STREET ON MY NEIGHBORS ROOF READY TO SHOOT!  I was not a threat to my children, to myself or to the officers but…they were going to shoot me.

Now after so many years, so many lives taken because of the abuse of power by some not all but some police officers, when will the day come again that we can trust our officers?

Be bless

Rosaura Torres-Author

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