Sunday, January 25, 2015



Clara Colon and I were having a very serious conversation on the horrible effects of domestic violence and how many just don't get! 

If you are planning on dating a survivor of DV, this is our advice to you, seek out communication with any Domestic Violence organizations, learn and try to understand the horrible damage abuse has caused so many women, children and men.

Clara made comment on the “Gas Lighting” I asked her “What do you mean?” When a new love comes into your life and if he or she say’s any negative comments to survivor, they feel as if it is like someone is reopening a wound that just does not heal.

You can learn so much by taking the time and speaking to many organizations, instead asking questions to the survivor take the time to learn and listen what a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence is trying to tell you.

There are five concepts of Domestic Violence and when I and Clara Colon look into the mirror, we see each other.  We have permanent damage but we are not dead.  We realize we have been ignored and called all sorts of names, we refuse to keep silent, this is why we continue to help and support other “Survivors.”

Thank you,

By Rosaura Torres and Clara Colon

There are five concepts on Domestic Violence
·      Physical – Beating
·      Sexual
·      Mental
·      Emotional
·      Financial

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