Wednesday, August 19, 2015


For years my sister survivor Clara Colon tried and cried her voice out to the JUSTICE SYSTEM, but instead many called her a liar, many felt she was evil, vindictive, jealous of her ex husband.

Well, it turns out that on August 13, 2015 her ex husband Egberto Colon Jr, beat his girlfriend who, is in critical condition...I would be a liar if I did not say how angry and ashamed I am of Elizabeth New Jersey Police Department and those who were suppose to help and support her.  Many other survivors attacked and called her a liar but...I refused to follow there lead.  I and will always stand by my sister survivor Clara Colon....I will always stand by all my sister survivors.

God bless you Clara, we are proud of your bravery.  

With love and the utmost respect,

Author Rosaura Torres

NEW ALERT********************************************


..On August 13, 2015 Sgt. Egberto Colon Jr. of the Elizabeth Police Dept was arrested by his own department for Domestic Violence on another victim. (Undisclosed name).....I am Clara Colon his first and only victim that for the past 5 years has been writing and explaining the dangerous of my ex. As of today, 8\19\2015 my family has not been informed nor warned of this matter, Under the New Jersey State Guidelines of Officer Involved Domestic Violence and the ex wife who still under my divorce decree has a protection order against him. They have violated my rights as a victim of Egberto Colon Jr. by not warning us of his arrest and suspension from Elizabeth Police Dept. Society he is suspended without pay. My alimony and child support will be nothing. I will not stay quite any longer waiting for Union County Prosecutors office nor the Elizabeth Police Dept. I want everyone to help me get this story exposed. Now their is another victim that is under critical condition with the rage and violence of this man. Society remember they called me crazy and lair for coming out. Now I ask for help make sure our family is keep safe. Officer Sgt. Egberto Colon was recently awarded a promotion for his excellent work and his domestic violence and molestation of his own daughters. Please do not allow the Elizabeth Police dept 1 Police Plaza Elizabeth NJ 908-558-2000 and his Attorney Aston Thomas continue to cover up his man criminal and dangerous mind.
I am safe as of now, but i need to go home and make sure my life and lives of my children is safe. He is now in most dangerous state of mind, i will not be a victim of his nor will I allow him to murder us.

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