Monday, September 14, 2015


For some time I have putting off to have a medical procedure done out of fear of what they may find.  I remember over sixteen years ago my father became very ill and I was so concerned that I may be having the same problem. 

So let me get to the point…for all my friends and family when you arrive at that age…please I beg you to get your Colonoscopy done. 

Our GREAT SPIRIT was watching over me.  I am in good health.  Dr. Menin at Einstein Healthcare Network on  Bustleton Avenue and the entire staff and I must mentioned them by name, Bob, Karen, Terri and wonderful Marie who was so kind because I hate IV’s LOL.  Marie the intake receptionist…To all the wonderful doctor’s and staff that looked over me…Thank you a million times. 

So my friends and family…Colon Cancer affects both women and men…I pray you are blessed to find such great and caring people as I did at Einstein Healthcare Network.

May the Great Spirit bless each and every one of you!!

Rosaura Torres – Author

“Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge”

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