Monday, September 7, 2015



I needed to post two wonderful comments I received by two of my SISTER SURVIVORS!

There are times we Clara Colon, Nancy West, Jen Cundiff Graves, Sherrine O’Brien, Patty Oconnell and many other survivors, would rather hide away and disappear from all the negative remarks we receive because we refuse to keep silent…But….then I receive powerful comments from amazing, dynamic women!  I know many feel we are bitter but that is far from the truth…WE WANT ACCOUNTABILITY AND YES JUSTICE.  Continue to stand strong, we are shining through that horrible tunnel of darkness.
May the Great Spirit always protect each and every one of you!

Rosaura Torres Author – “Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge.”
I received this beautiful comment, I could not help but share this....Be bless my awesome family and friends.
Nancy West

September 6 at 11:22pm
Rosaura, My psych was clueless about OIDV... No matter what I told her, she was never nice to me and told me to stop "what I'm doing". She thought I was making it up and almost gave me a false diagnosis. I gave her my copy of Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge and saw her a month later, which happened to be two days after the rally at the Capitol.. You'll never guess how compassionate and understanding she was. She finally agreed to help me get the disability I need per my PTSD, and depression. On top of that I couldn't work anyway because they tell every employer to fire me and get them to stop payments on my checks, so I really needed her cooperation. Thanks to you Rosa, your bravery, and your book, I might be saved from certain homelessness. I am eternally grateful to you my beautiful sister my heroine ❤❤❤❤❤[?]

I AM TRULY BLESSED BY ALL THESE AMAZING SISTER'S....i WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO SHOW THE LOVE I FEEL FOR EACH OF YOU!!! Thank you for this beautiful comment also Jen Cundiff-Graves!!!
Jen Cundiff-Graves You make a difference every day, even when u don't know it. You have been a blessing to many... Including myself!!
I can also appreciate Nancy's post. When I first met my psych, she made statements like "well, if what you said, happened.." I got so angry... Cried and yelled at her because if they don't believe u... Who will?! Anyway... What Nancy said about working, I know that all too well. I'm still at the job I've had ( and hatred) all these years. The stress of bosses and tenants is overwhelming some days, but I do my best. My anxiety and PTSD has taken over many times and I've found myself feeling overwhelmed and having panic attacks... But I can't get any other job either around here... No one ever even calls.

We love u, Rosaura!!! You have been a friend, a sounding board, a wealth of knowledge and a very important person to so many of us in one way or another!!

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